さっきFilangyのアカウントページにアクセスしてみたら日本語が使えるようになってました。やったー! これで普通に日本語でWebCacheやWebMarkが検索できるようになったよ。前に日本語が使えるようにしてってお願いしたからだったりして。




We'll show you the F-Rank of the page right below your Personal Score. The F-Rank is more or less a real-time blended Authority/Popularity score. A high score signifies the page is important and visted by many. This will be computed a few times every hour, letting you know if the importance of a page is increasing/decreasing over time.

External WebMark Search
Functionality (API) where a Filangy user can allow others (say vistors to his/her blog) to search thru his/her WebMarks.

Personal Tags
Given that now all the pages in your Personal Web are searchable, we have not recieved a lot of requests for Tag support. Thus, we are only planning on adding "Personal Tags" -- so users can tag thier own data. If you want this feature, please Rate it!
And if you really really want Global tags, use the Request Feature link and let us know.

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